V four Channel Series

● MG+ V series for 2 channel and 4 channel high-fidelity high-power stereo output switching power supply D class, environmental protection and energy saving amplifier.

Low this series with 600 w / 800 w / 1000 w / 1500 w / 1800 w / 2000 w / 2400 w / 2600 w/two channel power output of 3200 w and 800 w / 1000 w / 1300 w / 1600 w / 1800 w / 2000 w / 2600 w four-channel power output models.

● The MG+ V series USES the latest Class D power amplifier technology to provide smooth and flexible handling while maintaining the integrity of MG+ excellent sound quality at high power output.

● Dual PFC switching mode power supply

MG+ has always been concerned about energy conservation. Since the company was born, it has been using power factor correction (PFC) technology to improve the performance of power amplifier and reduce the consumption of power supply current. The past year has seen a greater global awareness of the importance of energy. In addition to blackouts in the United States and Europe, skyrocketing oil prices, rising energy demand in developed countries like China, and global warming have created a growing interest in energy conservation. The performance industry has always been sensitive to environmental issues. In the past year, many artists have begun promoting their Tours as "green" shows, using alternative energy or planting trees to compensate for the local impact of the carbon dioxide emitted by each concert.

Power amplifier Advantage

MG+ 's technology has long been recognized, with many competitors looking to power factor correction as cutting-edge technology, and customers looking for products like MG+ that help save energy and improve sound quality. The advantages of amplifiers using PFC technology are summarized below:

1. Stable performance, independent of power supply (especially useful in countries where power quality is below standard)

2. Highest power density

3. The lightest weight

4. Greater reliability

5. Reduce the load on the circuit components by providing a properly adjusted DC power supply

6. Global operating range (90 to 265 Vac, 50/60 Hz)

7. Higher performance

8. Lower distribution requirements to reduce copper loss in electricity

9. Significantly reduce the amount of power required

10. Great savings on energy costs

11. Reduce heat dissipation requirements in fixed installations

Efficient output /Efficient output

Class D - PWM (pulse width modulation) efficient output stage

This technology was introduced by Powersoft in 1995 and has been increasingly adopted by manufacturers and end users. A key part of the technology is based on ultra-high performance, converting all the power in the power supply to usable power and recycling reactive power back from the speakers (which is generally harmful for traditional linear amplifiers). Devices using this technology provide very useful features for touring and fixed installation applications.

MG+ emphasizes a direct approach to market demand. In the introduction of the Identified V series, key performance such as power output, loading, ac power supply flexibility and connectivity. Its smooth and outstanding power output spans four channels and is designed in a 1U rugged enclosure for professional equipment, theater and performance sound amplification applications.

The MG+ amplifier's well-known reliability comes with a six-year warranty from the date of your first purchase.

Power factor correction is a mandatory technique in many areas, such as computer products. It can help us protect the earth because it can:

1. 40% energy savings;

2. Reduce the size of the power amplifier;

3. Reduce the cross-section size of the cable, because the RMS current is less in use;

4. Make the cable transmit smaller because the harmonic of the power frequency is lower. This can reduce the noise and distortion caused by fluctuating power supply.

5. Achieve full power output regardless of the voltage and load impedance of the amplifier. The power supply can be adjusted automatically by power factor correction.

6. Make universal products without worrying about the voltage difference between different regions.

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