The Big Dipper Series

● MG+ The Big Dipper series are 2-channel and 4-channel high-fidelity high-power stereo output D-class, environment-friendly and energy-saving amplifiers.

When this series with 200 w / 300 w / 400 w / 550 w / 700 w / 850 w / 1000 w / 1300 w/two channel power output of 1500 w and 200 w / 300 w / 400 w / 600 w / 800 w / 1000 w four-channel power output models.

● The MG+ The Big Dipper series USES the latest Class D amplifier technology to provide smooth and flexible handling while maintaining the integrity of the MG+ excellent sound quality at high power output.

● MG+ The Big Dipper series of panels with gorgeous color collocation, not only beautiful, but also highlights our "green" environmental design concept!

MG+ has always been concerned about energy conservation. Since the company was born, it has been using power factor correction technology to improve the performance of power amplifier and reduce the consumption of power supply current. The past year has seen a greater global awareness of the importance of energy. In addition to blackouts in the United States and Europe, skyrocketing oil prices, rising energy demand in developed countries like China, and global warming have created a growing interest in energy conservation. The performance industry has always been sensitive to environmental issues. In the past year, many artists have begun promoting their Tours as "green" shows, using alternative energy or planting trees to compensate for the local impact of the carbon dioxide emitted by each concert.

The Big Dipper Series